Enterprise mission: The pursuit of light and the angel of progress

Development Goal: A perfect office environment lighting experts

Core Value:              Health lighting Comfortable office




In Chinese gold coastline in the middle of southern zhejiang wenzhou economic center, stands a thriving booming office lighting enterprises, Wenzhou Yangye Lighting Co., Ltd., after 20 years of hard unremitting struggle, and focus on research and development and production of modern office lighting products, now it has a total of more than 500 people, professional and technical personnel 150 people, the annual production capacity of 5 million only domestic famous brands of lamps and lanterns. Has advanced special equipment over 300 sets, and in the production process of the key working procedure using the German mike company NL - S - 25 k type spot welding machine, the British road in accordance with the type 300 automatic electrostatic powder spraying equipment, automatic assembly line, advanced on improve the standardization of the management and scientific process control, guarantee every product can present in front of the customers with the best quality. Company has technical centers, and established the laboratory with light, investment products with light complete database, to provide technical support for all kinds of office space with light.


At the same time, after the company elite marketing team continuous market development at home and abroad for many years, today's young industry products have exported to Europe, America, Australia, southeast Asia, the Middle East, and many other countries and regions, and established the coverage in the domestic each big municipality directly under the central government, provincial capital of sales and service network.


Yangye industry in the future will be adhering to the "professional, dedicated, the high-quality goods" the idea, with rigorous, pragmatic style of service, to "the general production and business enterprise customers to provide office lighting as the core of modern lighting lamps and lanterns, in Europe and the United States developed countries, environmental protection, health and safety (EHS) standards, full of fashionable aesthetic feeling of science and technology of lighting lamps and lanterns for clients to create a comfortable office environment, healthy light environment, committed to customers effectively improve office work environment, to become the most customer trust in office lighting overall solution provider. Take market, decisions lead. Have a brighter career, home to build wealth.




In 1989, we began to focus on exploring in the field of office lighting!


With Italy in 2002, Yang industry Thema Desig company strategically in product design and technical cooperation, become the Thema company product design technology in China is the only partner, has introduced the international cutting-edge ideas constantly, conform to the domestic market demand of modern office lighting products, products have won 28 national technology patents. And formed the basic idea of office lighting products: fine art fashion!


Fine art: respect the original, reasonably to convert the original design of the application, make the product in detail to achieve fine quality standards!


Fashion: unscramble the international popular element, the integration of architectural art and commercial space lighting requirements, make the product keep international cutting-edge style!


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